Thursday, June 14, 2012

25th Street in Ogden

Ogden has lots of history, and 25th street is a very interesting place. Lots of shops and restaurants. Lots of clubs and bars, too. That’s in keeping with the historic tradition. 25th Street gained the nick name of “two-bit street”.
25th street began with the appearance of the Union Pacific railroad and started to grow in the 1890’s. 25th Street starts with the Union Station. The arrival of the train to Utah made Ogden a major junction when traveling across the country. Travelers found food, lodging and lots of excitement on 25th street.  
Many of the businesses, restaurants and bars, had brothels above the main floor. 25th Street in Ogden was the place to go in Utah to be free from Mormon influence.
There is a story that Al Capone visited 25th Street and found it too wild for his taste.
Today the old buildings preserve the history, and the feeling here is the same, though I don’t believe you would be in any mortal, or moral, danger here. The shops on 25th street are intriguing, fun, and the shop owners are friendly and accommodating. There are a few art galleries that are really interesting.
The restaurants are amazing.  I want to do individual blog entries on each one. They all are decked out in period atmosphere.
At the far west end of 25th Street sits the Union Station. There are interesting museums here at the Union Station. The Browning museum is here, with all the history of Browning Arms.
Weddings, concerts and other special events happen at the Union Station.
There is more to see here than could be seen in an afternoon, or even a day. But with wonderful art galleries, a great variety of shops, fun restaurants, and exciting clubs, there is more than enough to do and see on Historic 25th Street in Ogden Utah to make a visit here more than worth your time.

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