Friday, August 26, 2016

Utah trip, part 4 Spring Canyon

Our ride down to Moab, Utah, was leisurely.
One thing I haven't told about here, is that Julie and I explored a lot of cemeteries, because we were looking for graves of ancestors.
Our first stop was Helper Utah. We drove up Spring Canyon, because there are lots of Ghost Towns.
We love that kind of thing.

Then we drove to Moab, Utah. We stayed in the Moab Valley Inn.

It was great.
The next morning, we did some shopping on Main Street, and then we headed for the river where we took the River Adventure jet boat ride.

Absolutely fantastic!
The Moab Adverture Center is great, and the people were very friendly and accommodating.

We had dinner in town that night, at a great restaurant called Jeffrey's.

 We highly recommend Jeffrey's.

The next morning, we drove up the canyon, up river, to the Red Cliffs Lodge. We explored the resort a little bit, because we want to go back there. They have a lot to offer.

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