Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fishing Strawberry Reservoir

In June I had a few days off, so I took my family to Strawberry Reservoir for some fishing. Strawberry Reservoir is about half an hour’s drive south east of Heber City. It’s in a beautiful high mountain valley. Strawberry is famous for great fishing in Utah, but it’s also a place for people who really know their fishing, as we learned in June.

We’re definitely amateurs at fishing. But we’re trying to learn. We decided to try our luck with power bait at Strawberry. We were fishing near the lodge and boat ramp. There were fish jumping all over the place. Apparently they weren’t impressed with our power bait.

But it was a beautiful day of fishing. A forest fire was burning south of the reservoir, and that gave an eerie smokiness to the atmosphere. Ironically it was kind of beautiful. I know that the forest fire was a tragedy, but the sun shining through the smoke gave a red glow to the day.
So, we didn’t catch anything.
But we left with more resolve to learn more about fishing and to try it all again as soon as possible. As darkness fell my son and son-in-law went hunting for crawdads. They were able to fill a bucket with the little critters, and we boiled them and ate them, mostly to say that we ate something we caught at Strawberry.
We ended the day with a night around the campfire, quietly chatting and planning more fishing trips, and eating hot dogs and crawdads.

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