Sunday, June 3, 2012

Café Rio

Although Café Rio is quickly spreading throughout the U.S., it got its start right here in Utah.
Café Rio is great Mexican food. My wife, who is from Mexico, loves Café Rio and if it’s up to her to choose a restaurant for an evening out, she’s sure to pick Café Rio.
The Burritos and Tacos are bulging, large, and generous. We especially love the steak tostadas on a corn tortilla.
My wife also loves the Horchata. It’s not easy to find good Horchata here in the U.S. Café Rio has great Horchata.
The restaurant is festive and colorful. There is always a large crowd, but we’ve never had trouble finding a table. The food service is fast and effective, and your dinner selection is made to your specifications. The price is perfect. Café Rio is a little more expensive than fast food, but not like a “sit down” restaurant. Very affordable for a quick lunch, with great atmosphere for a special evening out.
There are many Café Rio locations along the Wasatch Front.

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