Saturday, October 11, 2014

Dinner at Marcello's in Bountiful Utah

Where to even begin?
First of all, the setting is fantastic!
Right off the corner of 4th north and main, near Bountiful Park, and at the head of beautiful main street in Bountiful.
Marcello's is a cozy little restaurant with lots of atmosphere.
It's family owned, so don't expect the fanfare the huge chains offer.
Yes, we waited a little bit for our food.
It was wonderful.
We had tried their home made sausage at the farmer's market, so my wife ordered spaghetti and sausage.
I had the portabello ravioli.
half and half.
Alfredo and marinara.
It was so wonderful!
We're going back soon to try all the other amazing dishes!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I'm learning to oil paint!

This has been the most fun, the most exciting hobby I've ever tried.
I'm keeping a blog about my progress.
Please visit and comment and see how I'm doing.
If you're a painter, I'd love to have some comments and suggestions and hints.
Please visit here:


Here's a sample of my work: