Thursday, July 12, 2012

Salt Lake Archery Company

Archery and the archery deer hunt were like religion to my family. My father and grandfather bow hunted together, and my great-grandfather bow hunted before them.  I ended that tradition because I didn’t want to hunt. But in our family we love archery just the same.
Salt Lake Archery is located on 2200 South just above Highland Drive in Sugarhouse.  We go frequently to the range to shoot. My daughter especially loves archery and even talks of trying to hunt one day.

At Salt Lake Archery they have compound bows and traditional recurve and long bows. The pro shop is well stocked with supplies and accessories for both.
Expert advice and instruction is always available and there are leagues and clubs to join.

The range is affordable and there is always room to shoot.
Archery is growing in popularity due to movies like The Hunger Games and Brave. We see lots of teenage girls out learning to shoot, and that’s great! Archery is good for anyone, at any age. It’s a sport that is relaxing, quiet, and challenging at the same time. Progress is immediately measurable. It’s not difficult to learn, or expensive to set up. Compound bows are more expensive, and arrows can get pricey depending upon the materials involved.
But you could get set up with a recurve bow, arrows, and other accessories you might need for less than $200.00.

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