Monday, August 13, 2012

Boating in Utah, Bear Lake

I was talking with a good friend many years ago about boating. This friend was a recent transplant to Utah from Oregon. He was shocked to hear me talk about boating.
“Who in Utah has ever really been boating? Utah is a desert!”
But Utahns love to boat! You’ll see boats next to many homes in Utah. And there really is a large choice of available lakes in Utah for boating, water sports and fishing.
So this is a short entry, hopefully in a longer series of entries about boating in Utah. Our first stop is Bear Lake.

Bear Lake is very beautiful. Coming over that mountain pass and catching that first sight of Bear Lake is an unforgettable experience.  The water is an amazing color of blue.
Bear Lake is twenty miles long and eight miles wide. It’s kind of a rectangle or oval. It’s big enough that no matter how many people are out on the lake, it never seems crowded.

The water activity season is relatively short. The elevation at Bear Lake is high, and the lake is surrounded by alpine mountains. We like to go in August, rent a boat for a couple hours, and do some water skiing and wakeboarding.
There are other activities in the areas, like ATV trails and caves to explore and camping.
Garden City and Laketown have lots of good entertainment, and the area is famous for raspberry shakes. People come to Bear Lake just for the ice cream.

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